Introducing the Pro Upgrade for TDS GTNXi MSFS!

Upgrade now to Access Navigation Database updates from your Navigraph Subscription!

Navigraph Unlimited Subscription is required! This is not included with the Pro Upgrade.

  • No Regional Limitations! The Pro Upgrade offers Worldwide Charts with Coverage for over 7000 Airports!
  • Navigraph Charts include High Resolution full color charts, with industry standard layout based on the real world provider!
  • Easily select, plan and fly a depature using the intuitive chart
  • Example: KASE (Aspen-Pitkin Co) Depature SARDD 3
  • Navigraph Charts offer Multiple Arrivals Options per plate, making it easy to plan and follow the desired arrival
  • Example: OMAA (Abu Dhabi Intl) Arrivals EMERU 2A, ROVOS 5A, ROVOS 3H
  • Never got lost during approach and landing, by using the Tack Package with the integrated Navigraph Charts, the desired approach plate is available in the TDS GTNXi!
  • Example: RJAA (Narita Intl) ILS Y RW 16R Approach
  • Taxi Charts make even the most complex airports a breeze! Geo Referenced Ship Position and clear taxi and runway markings, including Hot Spot Locations! Reduce pilot saturation and increase confidence at any airport!
  • Example: CYYZ (Lester B Pearson Intl) Airport Information with geo-referencing the aircraft symbol
  • Geo-referenced charts offer the ability of the aircraft symbol to be drawn on the chart, thus improving the situational awareness
  • Note: Some charts may not have geo-referencing data, this is shown on the TDS GTNXi by displaying a white X-ed airplane on the bottom right corner of the chart
  • Example: LPPR (Francisco Sa Carneiro) Approach RNAV RWY 35
  • Accurate depiction of chart insets: if the aircraft flies over an inset, then the geo-referenced symbol disappears, thus avoiding any confusion about the correct position
  • Example: KLGA (LaGuardia) Approach RNAV (GPS) Y RWY 4 showing an inset box on the holding point GREKO, which is off scale from the main map
  • Map Overlays is another Real World Feature of the the GTNXi. Transitioning from the Enroute to Approach phase is clearly laid out with the Geo Referenced section of the chart. Use the Large Outer FMS Knob to Scroll between MAP/FPL and the Charts pages quickly!
  • Example: EDDH (Hamburg) Approach RNAV RWY 15
  • Exclusive Feature to the TDS GTNXi: Approach Chart Overlay on Map Page
  • Notice the attention to detail: chart insets which are not drawn to scale are ommitted from the chart map overlay
  • Example:KDLH (Duluth) Approach ILS 27
  • The Pro Upgrade for the TDS GTNXi MSFS requires a Navigraph Subscription
  • More Information on purchasing a Navigraph subscription can be found on the Navigraph Website

  • Have more questions on the Pro Upgrade?