FAQ Section of the Pro Upgrade for the TDS GTNXi MSFS

  • Can the TDS GTNXi Navigation database be updated to the current AIRAC cycle?

    Yes, the TDS GTNXi can be updated to the latest AIRAC cycle by using Navigraph!
  • What is required to update the database in the TDS GTNXi for MSFS?

    The Pro Upgrade for the TDS GTNXi for MSFS is required as well as a valid Navigraph Unlimited or Basic subscription
  • What are the advantages of using a Navigraph Navigation database in the TDS GTNXi?

    Navigraph offers all data fields that are needed for the TDS GTNXi to function perfectly, there is no visible difference between the original and the Navigraph data set, making using a Navigraph Navigation database the perfect choice for the TDS GTNXi!
  • How can I update my Navigation database (AIRAC) if I have the Pro Upgrade and an active Navigraph subscription?

    Open the Navigraph Hub, access the Installed outside Simulator tab and update to the latest data for the TDS GTNXi for MSFS (Make sure that the TDS GTNXi for MSFS is closed when updating the database).
  • How can I confirm that I am running the latest Navigraph Navigation database?

    The database cycle used by the TDS GTNXi is displayed on startup, on the Database Information page, as well as in the Home/System/System Status (Database Info section/Navigation Database)
  • What if I want to use my own database?

    It is possible to use your own database and not rely on a Navigraph database. While we strongly encourage using a Navigraph updatable database, we offer the possibility to use a custom data set. Manually rename/remove the Navigraph database file located in the installation directory of the TDS GTNXi for MSFS, usually located here:
    Where %username% is your Windows Account username
  • What is the difference between Navigraph Charts and the already provided FliteCharts part of the Pro Upgrade?

    Navitgraph Charts offer always up to date, worldwide charts, while the provided FliteCharts are for North America at aviation cycle 2211.
  • What kind of subscription do I need in order to use Navigraph Charts on my TDS GTNXi with the Pro Upgrade?

    You need a Navigraph Unlimited subscription in order to use Navigraph Charts.
  • Can I still use the available North American FliteCharts inside the TDS GTNXi if I do not have a Navigraph Unlimited subscription?

    While we encourage customers to have a Navigraph Unlimited subscription, in order to benefit the most of the features offered, such as worldwide charts for the TDSGTNXi, you can always revert to the original FliteCharts for North America from within the TDS GTNXi Interface, Navigraph Charts tab, by selecting FliteCharts on the bottom.
  • How can I link my Navigraph Account to the TDS GTNXi in order to get chart access?

    In order to keep realism in the TDS GTNXi, connecting to Navigraph Charts is done via the TDS GTNXi Interface, Navigraph Charts tab. You have the option to scan the QR Code or click on the Generated Link which will take you to the Navigraph website to connect to the account. We have elected not to connect via the Charts function of the actual GTNXi unit as this is highly unrealistic.
  • Do I need to link my Navigraph Account each time I start the TDS GTNXi?

    Absolutely not! Once the account is linked, the information is saved and reused each time the TDS GTNXi for MSFS is started, thus offering seamless operation of the TDS GTNXi. Very rarely the connection information gets invalidated by the Navigraph servers, which will require a simple re-linking of the Navigraph account via the TDS GTNXi interface.
  • What is the minimum version of the TDS GTNXi which supports the Pro Upgrade?

    You need to have the TDS GTNXi version or higher in order to have Pro Upgrade support. To update, use the TDS GPS Manager.
  • What is the minimum version of the TDS GPS Manager in order to install the Pro Upgrade?

    You need to have the TDS GPS Manager version or higher in order to be able to install the Pro Upgrade. The latest version of the TDS GPS Manager can be obtained from the TDS Sim Software website, My Account section.
  • Do I need a Navigraph Subscription?

    Yes, a valid navigraph subscription is needed for the Pro Upgrade. To subscribe to Navigraph, please visit the Navigraph website:
  • How do I confirm that I have installed the Pro Upgrade?

    The Pro Upgrade installation status can be confirmed from inside the TDS GTNXi Main Interface as shown in the image below.