TDS GTNXi VC Integration for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

The TDS GTNXi is able to be fully integrated in the Virtual Cockpit (VC) of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 add-on aircraft. The integration is both for the VC screen display, as well as the mouse integration!

VR Compatibility: When the TDS GTNXi is installed in the VC of an add-on aircraft, it is compatible with MSFS VR!

If you desire an add-on for MSFS to feature a complete TDS GTNXi MSFS VC Integration and it is not on this webpage, please request it from the MSFS add-on manufacturer!

SDK Available: The SDK to integrate the TDS GTNXi into the Virtual Cockpit of MSFS Add-ons is available to any developer who is interested, please contact us to receive it!